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Despite Its Status as a Chip Powerhouse, Taiwan Neglects Supercomputing

Taiwan_windrider_NCHC-1448296076687A quick glance at the new ranking of top supercomputers gives a surprising showing by one of the world’s technological powerhouses. Taiwan does not possess a single machine powerful enough to make the Top500.org list. While there are many nations that don’t make the list, Taiwan is peculiar in that it has such an outsized grip on the computer chip industry. What’s more, its political rival, China, not only holds the world’s top machine, it now has more ranking supercomputers than any nation except the United States.

It has been a long decline. Taiwan’s most powerful machine supercomputer, the Advanced Large-scale Parallel Supercluster also known as ALPS or Windrider, ranked 42nd in June, 2011, shortly after its launch.

But the process of upgrading Taiwan’s supercomputing infrastructure has been slowed by ineffective government budget allocation. Since 2013, the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), which operates Windrider, has failed twice to get its budget boosted enough to strengthen its supercomputing ability. While other countries poured money into the installation of powerful supercomputers as a way to show national power, Windrider fell to 305th then 445th in June 2014 and

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Bitcoin Mints New Words

12TechSpeak-Bitcoin-Yeo-1447858022591Is Bitcoin destined to become the Facebook of money, or the Second Life? That is, will Bitcoin become universal, a medium of exchange used by just about everyone, or will it remain a curiosity, a tool used only by a dedicated fringe (in Bitcoin’s case, criminals and privacy extremists)? As a mere language columnist, I haven’t the foggiest, but I can tell you that, no matter what its fate, Bitcoin is generating new words and phrases at an inflationary rate. Is this profusion of new terms undermining (that’s a pun, as you’ll see) Bitcoin’s quest for universality?

The confusion begins at the beginning, with the simple act of categorization: What is Bitcoin, exactly? The person known as Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin back in 2008, called it electronic cash. Other terms in use are cryptocurrency, virtual currency, digital currency, digital cash, and math-based currency. (This last term reminds me of something the entrepreneur Chris Dixon posted to his Tumblr in 2013: “Three eras of currency: Commodity based, e.g. Gold; Politically based, e.g. Dollar; Math based, e.g. Bitcoin.”) Others are calling it MoIP (Money over Internet Protocol), a play on VoIP (Voice over Internet

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Four New Ways to Chill Computer Chips

12NChipCoolingFridgenewopener-1447786074812Things are getting a bit too hot in the microprocessor world. Again.

Moore’s Law has always come with the caveat that more transistors, switched at a higher frequency, means more heat. Over the years, chipmakers have used tricks like throttling back clock speeds and putting multiple microprocessor cores on a chip to spread out the heat.

But heat continues to stifle chip performance. Hot spots on today’s processors can reach power densities of 1 kilowatt per square centimeter, much higher than the heat inside a rocket nozzle. A growing fraction of transistors on advanced microprocessors are not even operated at any one time because they would generate too much heat, says Avram Bar-Cohen, a program manager at the microsystems technology office of DARPA. “As we put more and more transistors on them, this ‘dark silicon’ fraction has gone from 10 to 20 percent, in some cases more,” he says.

There’s only so much that processor designers can do to keep chips from generating too much heat, and it’s time for some new ways to get that heat out.

The conventional approach to dissipating the heat is to attach

Anamika Power Corporation Offers Home and Office UPS on Rent

Anamika Power Corporation is a renowned name in Delhi and NCR for its UPS on hire services. In a power cut prone Delhi region, this company acts as a savior to all those suffering from major power cuts, and loss at work.

In modern technological age, power is essential to carry out all your work. At this time, if one experiences power cuts, it can be damaging to the work, and can cause major losses to you and the company. Living without fan for the entire day is unimaginable, and for Delhi it has become a regular affair. This is why UPS on rent is needed by the people living in Delhi and surrounding regions.

APC aims at providing safe and secure power backup whenever there is no power in the region. Installing a UPS system with higher power requirements can lead to a major cost decision. This is probably the main reason why the company offers UPS on hire. By renting UPS systems, you can get the power issue solved, and in case the issue is temporary you won’t need to spend a lot of money. The renting benefits both you and the company.

When you rent a UPS system, you are

Different Services Offered by Computer Support Melbourne

PC repair technicians can keep your computer systems performance well and smooth. Speed up your PC, recover lost files, remove viruses, or resolve network problems with the assistance of a reputed computer support Melbourne. The professionals are qualified, and knowledgeable to serve you better. You can expect uninterrupted, efficient, fast, and prompt services that exceeds your expectations. Call the experts for the following services, anytime :

PC Repair Services – Computer support Melbourne offers various system fixing services for computer hardware like monitor, peripherals, motherboard, hard disk and power supplies. Their service policy is transparent and fair. The professionals will carry out repairs on site or workshop depending on the PC issues.

PC Email Setup Services – Computer support Melbourne provides various email set up services ranging from teaching novices how to use email to troubleshooting email account, opening several email accounts and configuration for best performance. The experts can resolve and optimize your email accounts for a smooth user experience.

Set up, operate, and manage an email account and create back ups with the services of the professionals.

Configure accounts, manage contact lists, make several inbox to categorize mails, and receive mail on your desktops, laptops, and mobiles.

PC Data Recovery Services – Computer